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The BEST Method to Lose Weight
so that you live an active and adventurous life

Loosing inches and weight  no longer has to be FRUSTRATING

There is a framework that will take you from where you are today, to the best fit-version of yourself.  This framework takes you step by step using a blended coaching of MINDSET, NUTRITION, and FITNESS.

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What if you could flatten your belly without going to the gym and NO surgical procedures?

It’s simple. Eliminate “kryptonite foods”, reduce your inflammation, eat foods that naturally boost fat burning.  That’s what we do in our 7 Day TUMMY TUCK CHALLENGE

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Make All Your Meals Look & Taste Great
Like being at the Fancy Restaurant

What's one of the hardest things about a at home "hating" on our foods. 

They are constantly bringing in the "wrong" foods because they don't want to eat your stale tasting food.


Here are 3 easy tips that will make your family want to join you


Because who doesn’t LOVE great looking and tasty food?

Everybody loves that! This will make your transformation go smoother, easier, and fun.

Access the FREE PDF and video Tutorial...

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What would Your Life look like when you STOP the YO-YO Dieting?

AND if you had a support team with coaches guiding you on your MINDSET, NUTRITION, and FITNESS so that you could live your active-FIT life?


K7 21 Day Jumpstart - Challenge

The K7 coaches will work side by side with you on your journey, identify barriers that have kept you from creating and maintaining your FIT self while create winning habits to break the Yo-Yo dieting chains forever.

This Challenge can create a transformation that goes beyond t "the inches".  Based from the 7 Key Principles of Nutrition, the meal program alone has helped many; reset hunger hormones, detox blood sugar, massively reduce inflammation and boost metabolism, to name a few benefits shared from our participants.

Come join our waitlist and be ready for the next 21 Day Challenge.

One on One Coaching
Reach Your Goals Faster

Just “doing fitness” and eating “good” doesn’t mean you will reach your FIT Goals.

Sometimes you need that little bit of extra attention, focus, motivation, drive…that’s where our one-one-one coaching comes in. 


We will support you cutting through the hectic stress of a regular day and design a framework that you can execute, taking into account the real-life circumstances. 


With weekly one-one-one appointments, we will identify if an immediate shift in focus gets to happen to your program, and what area gets that little bit more attention: MINDSET, NUTRITION, or FITNESS coaching.

Schedule a One-On-One Consultation call
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Esteban Lutz

I have been in the Fitness and Nutrition industry since 1991.  From coaching and training over 5 thousand personal trainers, nutrition coaches, plus my personal clients…I became obsessed with figuring out how to get someone (you), out of the Yo-Yo diet cycle.

What I discovered is that the one size fits all programs never works long term. 


There is no Magic Formula for any individual Fitness nor Nutrition system.

I learned that with little Mindset shifts and a blend of specific Nutrition & Fitness framework (the K7 framework) …long term life changes are possible.

My Team and I are here to guide you with our online programs...

  • Membership

  • Challenges

  • One on One Coaching

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