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Jayme Appleman

A full time fitness coach, wife and mother of 2.  


As a fitness & bodybuilding competitor she experienced first hand how vital it is to have the proper harmony with Mindset - Nutrition - Fitness...specially while balancing "life" as a mom.

"I would never have been able to accomplish this without the support of my husband. We have been together for 20 years" 

graduated from The Ohio State University with a Master's Degree

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Kate Giddens

A graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Theology


An avid  cook that loves to put her nutrition certification to use at home with her husband and active runner.  Kate has completed over 20 races, 2 of them being marathons within the past 3 years.


"I believe in the K7 program because it has worked in my own life. I have lost 75lbs and love running!"

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Kimberley Mitchell

comes from a Ballroom family from London, England. At the age of 5, she began to compete in both International Standard and Latin competitions throughout England and Europe.


Kimberley is a 4-time British Open Champion.  International Champion and winner of the United Kingdom Open and Closed British Championships in both standard and Latin.


At the age of 18, Kimberley moved to the USA to turn Professional and dance with Bill Sparks.  Together, they became 2-time United States International Latin Champions, British Open Professional Rising Star Champions, 3-time Ohio Star Ball Champions, and 5th in the Professional World Latin Championships.


A championship level certified adjudicator in all 4 styles of dance (Standard, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm) Kimberley now coaches Professionals as well as Pro/am students and amateur couples in both mainstream and same-sex competitions.

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Alexandria Grumman

With over 130 pounds released, Alexandria does not only “talk the talk” but she has “walked the walk”.  This mother of 2 knows how to adapt to all family obstacles.


With experiencing the benefits and setbacks of surgical weight loss, she now fully understands what is needed post the Honeymoon phase when the whole world can come back tumbling quickly and all the weight loss begins to pile back on.


Now armed with extensive tools in nutrition, an understanding on what triggers emotional eating and what is needed to create new supportive habits…Alexandria continues to be a K7 coach that helps clients beat that frustrated phase and begin living their fit-active best.

coach Darrel.png
Darrel Grumman

Not a fan of the "non-sustainable" constantly counting "diets" got Darrel to find an alternative solution to his physical transformation, that is where he experienced and joined the K7 Team.


Darrel loves coaching the K7 program where we all learn how food affects our body and make adjustment based on that vs the painful constantan counting of macros or calories.

WIth an extensive background in mindset coaching, he is able to guide his team to reprogram behaviors attached to non-supportive emotions.

graduated from Franklin University

coach Craig.png
Craig Mills

After completing 60 days of the K7 program Craig had lost 40 pounds and gained 2 inches on his height. “ it was mine blowing to gain 2 inches in height at 40 years old! Those 40 pounds have been physically dragging me down for 20 years!”


Starting the K7 Program was after Craigs wake up call and brush with death. Craig was long boarding with his daughter Ava down an asphalt hill at speeds of 15-20 mph. “The impact with the asphalt broke four ribs collapsed my right lung and gave me a very severe concussion”


Craig‘s obsession with helping people through health and wellness made it easy to want to be a K7 coach. “why wouldn’t I becoming a K7 coach,  this program is completely aligned with my values”


As a K7 coach, Craig uses his background as an all-American swimmer and ballroom dancing coach to bring the best version of yourself… to have the best version of your relationship, it’s symbiotic

Crossfit Exercise

How to Become a K7 Coach

If you’re interested in helping people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives, becoming a K7 Coach might be right for you.

As a K7 Transformation Coach, you not only help people reach their health and fitness goals by creating Groups and guiding them to wiser & healthier nutrition choices like the wholefoods based K7 Jumpstart, you also get to set your own schedule and be your own boss.

How much you earn depends on the effort you invest and how many people you help.

If helping elevate your community one healthy decision at a time, and the possibility of earning FUN Bonuses sounds like something you’d like to pursue, keep reading!

Damian Buck

Damian Buck

K7 Transformation Coach

Esteban Lutz

Esteban Lutz

K7 Transformation Coach

Eric Leister

Eric Leister

K7 Transformation Coach

Jayme Appleman

Jayme Appleman

K7 Transformation Coach

What Is a K7 Transformation Coach?

K7 Transformation Coaches support and guide not only themselves but others to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. They’re passionate about guiding and supporting people to feel great about themselves and inspire others to do the same.

Whether you’re already a walking transformation, someone who’s found success through one of our transformation programs, or you have been inspired by witnessing a friend or family member transform their life by doing so, becoming a K7 Coach will reward you in many ways; physically, emotionally, and financially.


What K7 Coaches Do:

  • Guide and support people make a lifestyle change and helping them stay committed to their transformation.

  • Guide people to a transformation program that works for them and show them how to continue that path for a continued FIT life.

  • Conduct weekly coaching meetings, that empower clients to build their MINDSET, NUTRITION, FITNESS education and habits.

  • It's Straight Forward.

    • K7 Coaching is a straightforward coaching business: coaching clients in their physical transformation through Mindset, Nutrition, & Fitness. There is no incentive or requirement to get friends, family, strangers involved in any "scheme pyramid" anything.

  • Know Where the Line is.

    • Coaches are certified nutrition and fitness coaches, NOT medical professionals (unless they are) …coaches stay within their scope of professional and refer out to medical professionals when needed.

  • Can Work From Anywhere

    • Coaches get to guide their clients virtually from practically anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access)

  • Make Your Own Schedule

    • Coaches create schedules that works best for their lifestyle

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