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Create CONFIDENCE without sacrifice

  • Are you sick of wanting to take control of your health journey but not seeing the results?

  • Are you frustrated with feeling like you have to give everything you love up to get what you want?

  • Does the thought of one more quick fix make you want to scream for sustainability?

  • Do you know you tend to emotionally eat but not sure how to stop?

  • You have tried to restrict yourself before and failed.

  • You have done this on your own and always seem to find yourself with results and slide back into your comfort zone and lose your results. 

  • Sometimes you don’t believe that it’s even possible…

Let me know if this sounds familiar....

Here is the thing I want you to is so common to feel this way.  I have coached hundreds of women and I want you to hear this: 


And, not only are you not alone, but I have seen that support and accountability will help you to get the results you want and more importantly maintain them!

Zoom Fitness Training.jpeg

What I’m about to tell you might just be... the very thing you needed to hear…


And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on...



Here’s exactly what you get inside this exclusive membership:

  • K7 Membership (3 pillars NUTRITION ~ MINDSET ~ EXERCISE)

  • Full access to previous K7 programs like 28 day jumpstart and 

  • Access to the FULL K7 Fit library of workouts (to create strength, flexibility, fat burning and endurance)

  • Weekly coaching in a powerful team environment

  • A fitness professional assigned to you for support and accountability that helps you achieve your goals at the highest level possible (**this is also what makes this program different from any others you have tried**)

I don’t know where to start, will you help me with that?

I have a lot of weight to lose. Is this the right membership for me?

I am a busy mom and don’t have time to workout. Is this membership for me?

I feel so STUCKKKKK. I have had success in the past but something is not clicking for me at the moment.



When you join K7 Method Membership and take this seriously enough to change your life, {it will} and if after a month of committing to the program, each day and week, meet your coach and people in the group, and experience a breakthrough in your confidence. And if you don’t believe this offer has created any shift, then you will receive 100% full money back. No questions asked.

No more waiting for circumstances to be perfect or to be ‘ready’ to finally take action to have the energy and confidence you desire…


Take action NOW!! We are here to help you!



​***We only open the doors to this program the last week of the month, so get in on this TODAY…no more procrastinating and putting your health on the backburner.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you. In case we haven’t met, I’m Esteban and I’ve been in this work for years…and over the years I have worked with so many clients and here is what I have noticed. Women in particular come to me feeling stressed, overwhelmed and not ready to take the next step in their health and wellness. The join one of my programs not entirely ready and sometimes even in doubt that they have what it takes to complete it and what happens is they see how easy it actually is, are supported and coached with their nutrition and movement but also with their mindset (this is another ingredient of the secret sauce). They begin to believe it and the results always follow their belief and consistency! By the end of the program they are gathering their friends to jump in and do it with them…the community inside K7 is everything!

Come join us and see for yourself!

If you are ready (or not quite but wanna get started anyway, cuz you are a badass), here is what it looks like:

  • Monthly payment (charged every 4 weeks)

  • Annual payment

    • $1900 x 1 payment

    •  x 4 monthly payment

  • You will immediately gain access to:

    • A personal coach paired specifically with you

    • Weekly coaching sessions

    • Access to previous successful programs

    • Access to all workouts

    • Access to mindset calls and modules

How will your life change when you ditch the BS story that’s stopping you from your full potential and JUMP into what’s possible!?

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